By Ordinance 2021-35 effective August 11, 2021.


The committee shall collaborate, share information, and make recommendations to the county department of human services to improve the availability, quality and delivery of human services within the county.


The committee shall consist of the following members:

  1. the director of the county department of human services;
  2. the clinical program manager or designee of the county’s provider of mental health and substance use disorder services;
  3. a council member;
  4. a judge or judicial branch employee;
  5. a law enforcement officer involved with the law enforcement assisted diversion program;
  6. the emergency room director or designee of the Mountain West Medical Center;
  7. the director or designee of the Tooele County School District Special Education Department;
  8. two behavioral health providers;
  9. an adult private citizen;
  10. a youth private citizen;
  11. a representative of relief services; and
  12. three at large members.


For initial terms, eight committee members shall be appointed to four-year terms and seven committee members shall be appointed to three-year terms. Subsequently, all committee members’ terms shall be four-year terms.

Notwithstanding section 4-1-3(4), committee members may serve more than two consecutive full terms.

Committee members shall not receive compensation for their service, but may receive per diem and travel expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.

Administrative Support

The county department of human services shall provide administrative support to the committee.


Gary Dalton, Chair
Human Services Director

Mark Schull

Jeff Coombs
Tooele County Health Department

Roger Gomez
Department of Workforce Services

Christy Johnson

Scott Rounds
Mountain West Medical Center

Kendall Thomas
Council Member

Judge Teresa Welch
3rd District Court

Paul Wimmer
Tooele County Sheriff

Brittany Lopez
Tooele County Asst. Manager

Adrian Day
Tooele City Police Chief

Bryan Gregston
Youth Service Center

Amy Giles
Third District Juvenile Court

DeAnn Christiansen
Tooele County Housing Authority

Jamie Zwerin
Adult Representative

John Gossett
At Large

Leena Chapman
NAT-SU Health

Maren Voss
Utah State University Extension

Marianne Oborn
Tooele County School District

Marilyn Marin
Tooele County Housing Authority

Michelle Bybee
Clinical Consultants

Peter Clegg
Tooele Health Department – Prevention

Rachel Cowan
Children’s Justice Center

Ray Clinton
Tooele County Sheriff’s office

Renee Loveless
Mountain West Medical Center

Sylvia Dalton
At Large

Teresa Winn
Valley Behavioral Health