Business Licenses

Are you looking to open a business in Tooele County? You’ve come to the right place. All business conducted within the unincorporated areas of the County require a Tooele County Business License.

The cost for a business license is:

  • Residential Business License: $30 + $5 per Employee
  • Commercial Business License: $50 + $5 per Employee

If the business is not conducive with the zoning, you may be required to get a Conditional Use Permit from the County Community Development Department for an additional fee.  You will be contacted if this is a requirement for your business.

If you are selling tangible items, you need to have a Utah Sales Tax ID. The ID number is required before your Tooele County Business License can be issued. Download and complete the TC-69 Form.

All business licenses expire June 30th of each year. You will receive an email when it is time to renew.

Ready to Apply?

Complete our online Business License Application.

Business License Renewal

Do you already have a Tooele County Business License and need to renew?

Liquor License

Will you be selling beer or liquor at your business? Here’s some important information you need to know.

  • You must already have your Tooele County Business License.
  • You must submit a Local Consent Form to the State of Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC). This will be issued to you by the Clerk’s Office upon submission of your liquor license application.
  • You must have a liquor license through the State of Utah DABC and must provide proof of ID and a criminal background check to Tooele County.
  • You must sign the Tooele County Liquor License in the presence of a notary. All Deputy Clerks in Clerk’s Office are notaries.

Local Consent Forms – Fill out, scan, and return to

Beer – RecreationalBeer – WholesaleBeer – Off PremiseBeer – RestaurantBeer – Single Event

Event Organizer Licenses

Are you organizing an event in Tooele County? Here’s some important information you need to know.

  • Event Organizer Licenses are $30
  • If vendors will be attending your event, you must register your event through the Special Events Unit of the Utah State Tax Commission. You are required to provide a vendor list to the Utah State Tax Commission. To register your event visit Application can be submitted online.

Event Vendor Licenses

Are you a vendor attending an event in Tooele County? Here’s some important information you need to know.

  • Event Vendor Licenses are $30 and expire on June 30th of each year.
  • For each event you attend in Tooele County, you need to have a new Temporary Sales Tax License and Special Return from the State of Utah. It is good for only one event and you must submit this information to the Event Organizer.
  • If you are selling tobacco or nicotine products, including electronic vape, you must have a permit through the Tooele County Health Department.
  • You will be subject to a fire inspection by the North Tooele Fire District upon entry to the event.
  • If you have a current event license through another Tooele County municipality, such as Tooele City or Grantsville City, please fill out the Tooele County event license application and contact the Clerk’s Office at (435) 843-3140. You may qualify for a free Tooele County event license. Apply online for Tooele County Event Vendor License.

Solicitor Licenses

Are you a business owner/company that has employees that will solicit door-to-door in Tooele County?
Please apply for a Business License here and specify in the “Description” box of the application your intent to sell door-to-door. We must have record of your business license prior to any employees receiving their Solicitor ID Badge.

Are you working for a company as a Door-to-door salesman?
Solicitors must have a Solicitor’s License. Here’s the information you need to know:

  • You need to apply for a Solicitor License below and get an ID badge. The ID badge will have your picture on it and is valid for one year from the date of issuance. Your badge is to be worn whenever you solicit door to door.
  • Upon the receipt of your application, we will contact you with information about submitting a Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) background check that has been completed within the last year. We will make an appointment with you to get your badge.
  • Solicitor License Application fee is $20.

Apply online for Solicitor’s License: