All business licenses expire June 30. Business licenses must be renewed prior to the June 30 expiration Date.

If you are conducting business within Tooele County, the unincorporated areas, you will be required to get a Tooele County Business License.  If the business is not conducive with the zoning, you may be required to get a Conditional Use Permit.  The cost for a business license is:

  • Residental Business License    – $30 + $5 per Employee
  • Commercial Business License  – $50 + $5 per Employee

There is an application to fill out and must be signed off by Community Development who approve the zoning.  Check with the Building and Development Services to see whether you need a Conditional Use permit and what the cost will be.

If you already have a Tooele City, Grantsville City, or any other municipality’s business license (within Tooele County) but will also be doing business in the county, bring a copy of your city license, fill out the county application and you may receive a County license at no cost. 

You may print the application, fill it out and bring it in with you

Solicitor’s License

If you plan to sell door to door, you will be required to get a Solicitor’s Badge. This badge will have your picture and the dates the license is valid. Please bring a BCI background check which was completed within the past 12 months, along with a completed application. A county business license is $30, plus there will be a $20 fee for each Solicitor’s badge.

Download Solicitor Application.