What we do…

The Tooele County Council is responsible for:

  • Legislative Body – Passing Laws and Ordinances
  • Administrative Functions – Oversight of Tooele County Government
  • Contracting Authority for the County
  • Can hear appeal from various elements of County Government
  • Give support to all elected officials

The population of Tooele County has now grown to 65,000 citizens.  This growth presents many challenges.  The Council is constantly involved in the planning of:

  • New infrastructure
  • New facilities
  • Economic Development
  • Increased recreation opportunities
  • Expanded government services

County Councilman

District 1: Scott Wardle (email / 435-843-3170)
District 2: Kendall Thomas (email / 435-843-3151)
District 3: Tye Hoffmann (email /435-843-3172)

District 4: Jared Hamner (email / 435-843-3171)

District 5: Tom Tripp (email / 435-843-3152)

Lobbying Contracts

The County contracts with consultants to provide lobbying services.

Lobbying Associations

The County is a member of the following lobbying association:

Utah Association of CountiesMembership Dues
$ 22,451.00