Mission Statement

To provide leadership, efficient services, and innovative solutions to enhance the quality of life for all County residents.


The County Manager’s office is given the executive role to direct the daily operations of county departments under the direction of the County Council. The County Manager and Assistant County Manager advise and confer with other county officers by administering and implementing policies and creating an annual budget and work plan to achieve the Council’s vision.


  • Community Development
  • Emergency Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Human Services
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Roads
  • Solid Waste
  • Weeds
  • Wendover Airport

Council-Manager Government

The County Manager and Assistant County Manager are members of the International City/County Managers Association (ICMA) and strictly adhere to the ICMA Code of Ethics. Adopted in 1924, the ICMA Code of Ethics creates a foundation for excellence in local government management. The Code requires leadership in a management structure committed to equity, transparency, integrity, stewardship of public resources, political neutrality, and respect for the rights and responsibility of elected officials and residents. By following its tenets, democratic local governance is strengthened.

The video describes the function of professional managers and our leadership philosophy.