What we do…

Purchasing Agent – Review and approve, along with County Council, all purchases made by Tooele County employees.

Tax Rates – Collect data from taxing entities for use with the county tax roll in calculating tax rates for all taxing entities in the county.  Work closely with other offices in maintaining and updating tax roll for Tooele County.

Valuation Notices – Responsible for producing Real Property Valuation Notices each year for each parcel of real property in Tooele County.  At the present time, this is about 22,000 parcels.

Clerk for Board of Equalization – Responsible for setting appointments and accepting information from taxpayers interested in appealing taxable values with a hearing officer.  Also responsible for communicating any appeals with the Utah State Tax Commission.

Abatements – Work with taxpayers from various situations on tax abatements including:  Veterans, low income, blind, circuit breaker and tax exempt properties.

General Ledger – Responsible for gathering all ledger information and entries necessary in maintaining the fiscal books for the county.  Make sure all sub systems of the county are updated monthly to general ledger and balanced.  Produce monthly reports for elected officials and department heads in order to help comply with yearly budgets.

Annual Audit – Work with outside auditing firm to review and express an opinion on the books of the county.  This annual audit is required by law to be done be a licensed auditing firm.

Budget – Responsible for collecting information yearly to produce a balanced budget for all funds of Tooele County.  Information includes all revenues, expenditures, and if needed fund balance appropriation for the operation of Tooele County.

May Tax Sale – Work with County Treasurer’s Office to hold annual tax sale for delinquent real property taxes of more than five years.

Accounts Payable – Collect information and produce payable checks weekly for purchases made by Tooele County departments.

Fixed Asset Inventory – Responsible for tracking and maintaining inventory of all assets of the county.  This includes all vehicles, office equipment, furniture, land, buildings , and infrastructure.

Other – Other audits and reviews as directed by state statute.