Tooele County Clerk’s Office is now by appointment only – Marriage License, Passports, etc. To make an appointment, call 435-843-3155 or email the Clerk’s Office here.

The Tooele County Clerk’s office is responsible for business licenses, elections, voter registration, marriage licenses, passports the recording and transcription of the County Council public meetings, contracts, liability insurance, record management and risk management for the County.


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County Council Meeting

Tooele County Council meetings are held in the Tooele County Building, 47 South Main, Room 310. Meeting agendas can be viewed online.

Liability Insurance and Risk Management

Liability Insurance

The Clerk’s Office is responsible for processing liability claims involving county property, vehicles, etc.

Tooele County Safety Program Incident Investigation Form

Risk Management

Tooele County Clerk – Risk Management

The Clerk’s Office manages the Risk Assessment Program (RAP) for the county including Accident Review Committee.

Talk to Tooele County

Talk to Tooele County is a website where citizens can notify the county of a problem before it becomes an accident. If you spot a pothole on a county road, report it. See a traffic sign down, report it. Do you have a marvelous idea that would save the county big bucks, or perhaps just a suggestion on how something could be done better? Report it!

Any way we can improve services, and save tax dollars, has to be a win, win situation! We’ll even let you know when we receive your suggestions!

Click on “Talk to Tooele County” to access the website.

Notary Service

Notary Service is available at the Clerk’s Office. The charge is $5.00 per signature.

Records Management (GRAMA)

The Clerk’s Office manages the GRAMA (Government Records Access Management Act) requests.

For information on the Open Meetings Act and GRAMA, please click on the following link and go to Chapter 13.

Link: County Government in Utah Resource Guide

Tooele County Boards

There are a number of boards that help Tooele County accomplish all that needs to be done within the county. Board openings are listed on the agenda for the first County Council Meeting of each month (first Tuesday).

Entity Registry

Local Governmental Entities information can be found at

Public Information

The sponsors of Unite for Term Limits, a statewide citizen initiative, will hold public hearings on the initiative. Follow the link for more information.
Notice of Hearing