The Tooele County Assessor’s Office is responsible for the appraisal of all taxable real property in the county. The purpose of the appraisals generated by the Tooele County Assessor’s Office is to estimate the market value. Market value is typically defined as the amount of money a willing buyer would pay to a willing seller. In other words, if you wanted to sell your property, what price would you accept. The effective date of the appraisal is January 1 of each year.

What Does the County Assessor Do? 

Assessor Office Staff

Tooele County AssessorWendy Shubert(435) 843-3103
Chief Deputy AssessorCassandra Macklin(435) 843-3102
Commercial AppraiserJake Parkinson(435) 843-3104
AppraiserBen Hickman(435) 843-3106
AppraiserBrandon Bell(435) 843-3112
Greenbelt/AppraiserTonya Short(435) 843-3108
Personal PropertyCarrie Gilley(435) 843-3105