What is the mission of the Board?

(1) Develop environmentally, ecologically, and biologically sensitive plans for the trail system based on the General Plan, stakeholder/landowner plans/vision, user needs, standards, and public input;

(2) Establish recommended plans and goals;

(3) Make policy recommendations to government agencies;

(4) Educate the public and promote implementation of trail plans;

(5) Recommend acquisition of property and easements for trail systems;

(6) Design and develop trails; and

(7) Promote economic development and tourism in the county.

Are the Board Members paid?

The Board Members are not paid.

Meeting Schedule

  • Meetings are held every other month at 3:00 pm


  • The Trail Committee consists of at least Five (5) members.
  • Four (4) years. At least three members shall be appointed to an initial term of two (2) years.

Trails Committee Board Members

+Jerry Caldwell
Implementation Manager, Chairman
Term Expires: 12/31/2019

Katie Porter
Tooele/Equestrian and Non-Motorized Uses
Term Expires: 12/31/2024

Leland Roberts
Commercial Involvement, Vice Chairman
Term Expires: 12/31/2021

Kim Clausing
Public Health and Well-Being
Term Expires: 12/31/2021

Troy Johansen
Tourism and Economic Aspects
Term Expires: 12/31/2024

Jedediah Beckstead
Commercial Partnership & Railroad Involvement
Term Expires: 12/31/2024

Joel Liddell
Term Expires: 12/31/2021

+Dave Bern
Disability and ADA Users
Term Expires: 12/31/2021

+Russ Steadman
Outlying Areas
Term Expires: 12/31/2021

Raymond Dixon
Motorized Uses
Term Expires: 12/31/2024

Commissioner, Shawn Milne
Tourism & Economic Development

Brian Sagers
Term Expires: 12/31/2024

+2nd Term


Email: Trails Committee