Stay Safe, Stay Home, Vote by Mail

Due to current conditions related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, jurisdictions nationwide are beginning to adopt vote by mail as an option to help provide voting opportunities and help keep people safe.
Tooele County has been voting entirely by mail since 2018. We are fortunate that this isn’t new for us.
If you are a voter who prefers to vote in person, for this election, please help keep our election volunteers safe by voting and returning your ballot by mail.

Return Your
Ballot Early

Ballots will be quarantined for a period when they are returned to our office in an effort to help protect our election workers that receive and process ballots.

To help us ensure ballots can be counted as quickly as possible, please return your ballot as soon as you have made your selections.

All ballots that are returned timely will be counted, but please don’t wait until the deadline to return your ballot.

In Person Voting

For this election:

  • There is drive up early voting at the Deseret Peak Complex October 22, 23, 29, and 30, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
  • There is one (1) limited in person voting option on election day at the Deseret Peak Complex.

There will be signs showing you where to go to pick up your ballot. It will be exactly like the one you received in the mail. There will be a place you can park your car to fill out your ballot and then drop if off in a ballot drop box as you exit the property.

If you have received this ballot, we need your help. Please vote this ballot and return it by mail. This will allow us to serve voters on Election day who otherwise will not have the opportunity to vote.

Do Not Sign Another Person’s Envelope

Each envelope is unique, make sure your name is printed on your envelope before you sign.

Ballots with unsigned envelopes will not be counted.

If you are unable to vote a paper ballot or sign your own envelope and you need assistance, please contact our office at (435) 843-3155)

If unable to vote a paper ballot contact our office at (435) 843-3155.
Signed another person's envelope is a crime.

Even with permission, you may not sign for another person. Signing another person’s envelope is a crime, punishable by maximum imprisonment of five years.