Oquirrh Point Development – Ordinance 2021-34


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Voter Information Pamphlets

Ordinance 2020-14

Ordinance 2020-16

Ordinance 2020-25

Ordinance 2018-10

Ordinance 2018-11

Ordinance 2018-12

Ordinance 2018-13

Ordinance 2018-15

Shoshone Village Development

Skywalk Development

Clean the Air Carbon Tax Act Statewide Initiative

  • Signers who wish to have their signature removed from a petition must submit a proper request to the County Clerk. The specific deadlines can be found at UCA 20A-7 605.
  • The basic guideline is that the form must be received by the Clerk by 7 days after the last petition is delivered to the County Clerk.  There is not a specific form and it does not have to be notarized.

Feasibility Study

Erda Incorporation Feasibility Study