23-01-01Interlocal Cooperation Agreement Between Tooele County and Lake Point
23-01-02Wheeler Cat Grader Purchase for Roads Department
23-01-03Vanway V600H Linear Crusher for Roads Department
23-01-04John Deere Loader Purchase for Roads Department
23-01-05Link Belt (Rasmussen Equipment) Mini Excavator and attachment for Roads Department
23-01-06Two Mack Snow Plow Trucks and Two Owen’s Wing Snow Plow Packages for Roads Department
23-01-07Software Firewalls 1 Year Subscription Palo Alto Network for IT Department
23-01-08Roads Shop Lot Operations Study and Facility Design – Ensign Engineering
23-01-09Quadient Inc. Folder Inserter Machine for Landfill – 1 Year Lease
23-01-10Snap on Mobile Column Lifts Contract for Landfill
23-01-11Power Screening Komptech Crambo Dual Shaft Shredder Lease Agreement for Landfill
23-01-12Renewal of NOVATime Contract – 3 Year Contract – HR Department
23-01-13Agreement Between Tooele County, Jed Berry and Tami Roberts for Assistance with Reasonable Road Maintenance Services of County Roads In and Near Ibapah
23-02-01Agreement Between Tooele County and Jones & DeMille Engineering to Update Master Transportation Plan
23-02-02Kenworth Sales 2023 Q2 T880 Day Cab Tractor Semi Truck for Solid Waste
23-02-03Lot Operations Study and Facility Design at Tooele County Road Department Facility – Ensign Engineering and Land Surveying
23-02-04Tooele Motor Company for 2023 Ford F-150 for Solid Waste
23-02-05Vehicle Order Confirmation – Purchase of 2023 Ford F350 for Roads Department
23-02-06Vehicle Order Confirmation – Purchase of 2023 Ford F450 for Roads Department
23-02-07Memorandum of Understanding Between Tooele County and Tooele County School District for a School Resource Officer 2022-2023
23-02-08Project Management and Engineering Services for Deseret Peak Master Plan – Think Architecture
23-02-09Pool Toys at Energy Solutions Aquatics Center – Rain Drop
23-02-10Settlement Agreement and Release Utah Opioid Litigation
23-03-01Statement of Work for the Master Services Agreement Between LSI Business Development and Tooele County – Grant Writer
23-03-02Contract to Remove Existing Fence and Installation of New Fence at Deseret Peak – Energy Solutions Pool – JB Fence
23-03-03Landscape Maintenance 2023 – A-Z Landscaping
23-03-04Service Agreement Tooele County and Motorola Solutions – Dispatch Radio System Maintenance
23-03-05Bill of Sale – Trail Materials and Assets from Transcript Bulletin Publishing to Tooele County
23-03-06Sole Source WW Manufacturing Livestock Panels for Deseret Peak
23-03-08Utah Department of Health and Human Services – EMS FY 2023 Tooele County Sheriff Amendment 1
23-03-09Participating Agreement Between Tooele County and USDA Forest Service – Noxious Weed Control/Contain 2023 – 2024
23-04-01Amendment to Trinity Services Group Contract for Inmate Food Service at Jail
23-04-02Agreement Between Tooele County and US Marshal Service for Federal Inmate Housing 81-99-0160
23-04-03Agreement Between Tooele County and MicroAge – Dell PowerStore 3200T Server
23-04-04Contract Between Tooele County and Sunrise Engineering for the Oquirrh Mountains Trails Master Plan
23-04-05Tourism Master Plan Contract – Honey Communications LLC
23-04-06Memorandum of Understanding Between Tooele Army Depot and Tooele County Sheriff Office
23-04-07Dispatch Service Agreement Between Tooele County and Tooele City
23-04-08Dispatch Service Agreement Between Tooele County and Lake Point City
23-04-09Short Term One Time Grant Award for Public Defender Attorney – Cory Caldwell
23-05-012023 Demolition Derby – Whiplash Racing
23-05-02Agreement with Country Fan Fest at Deseret Peak Complex
23-05-03Franchise Agreement Between Tooele County and All West Utah Inc
23-05-04Replacement Exterior Windows at County Administration Building – Valley Glass Salt Lake LLC
23-05-052023 Chip Seal Oil Purchase
23-05-07Dominion Energy – Service Agreement
23-05-08First Choice Imaging
23-05-09BIA Dispatch Agreement
23-05-102023 Interlocal Election Agreement Stansbury Park Improvement District
23-05-112023 Interlocal Election Agreement Grantsville City
23-05-122023 Interlocal Election Agreement Rush Valley Town
23-05-132023 Interlocal Elections Agreement Lake Point City
23-05-142023 Interlocal Election Agreement Vernon Town
23-05-152023 Interlocal Election Agreement Erda City
23-05-162023 Interlocal Election Agreement Tooele City
23-05-172023 Interlocal Election Agreement South Rim Special Service
23-05-182023 Interlocal Election Agreement Lake Point Improvement District
23-05-192023 Interlocal Election Agreement Stansbury Park Improvement District
23-05-20Cooperative Forest Road Agreement Between Tooele County and the USDA, Forest Service Intermountain Region
23-05-21Temporary Access and Storage Agreement for Future South Rim Fire Station Property
23-05-222023 Interlocal Election Agreement Wendover City
23-05-23Agreement for Assistance 2023 Flood Control Activities – England Construction
23-05-24State of Utah Contract with Tooele County Sheriff
23-05-25Agreement for Assistance 2023 Flood Control Activities – Tekko Inc.
23-05-26Tooele County Proclamation Mental Health Awareness Month
23-05-27Pathways Domestic Violence Shelter
23-06-03Modification of Intergovernmental Agreement Between Jail and Department of Justice and US Marshall 81-99-0160
23-06-04Road Maintenance High Density Mineral Bond Agreement
23-06-052023 Interlocal Election Agreement Stockton Town
23-06-062023 Interlocal Election Agreement North Tooele Fire District
23-06-07Cooperative Forest Road Agreement Between the County of Tooele and the USDA, Forest Service Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest
23-06-08Restroom Remodels at County Administration Building – Jeff McNeill & Son’s Construction, Inc.
23-06-09Cooperative Agreement Between the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands and Tooele County
23-06-102023 Social Service Block Grant
23-06-11Provision of Medical Services at the Tooele County Detention Center – Intermountain Health Corrections