22-01-01Notice of Intent and Obligation to Create Perpetual Conservation Easement – Oquirrh Point Development Parcel No. 05-050-0-0010
22-01-02Amendment XII to the Bylaws of the Tooele Valley Rural Planning Organization
22-01-03TechConnect Maintenance Agreement for 2 Each Gamatronic UPS’s
22-01-04Utah Department of Health Contract # 222700789 Tooele County Sexual Risk Avoidance Education
22-01-05City of Erda Protest Against Petition Filed by John Bleazard Seeking to Annex 7888.65 Acres into Grantsville
22-01-06Agreement with Arctic Wolf for Managed Detection Response Security Operations
22-01-07Amendment to Contract 21-04-14 with Ensign Engineering and Land Surveying
22-01-08Contract with Better City for Economic Development Services
22-01-09Two Contracts for Rights of Way – South Mountain Road and Toms Lane
22-01-10Amendment #2 to State Health Contract # 212701517 Vaccine Supplemental Support Funding
22-01-11Memo of Understanding with Clinical Consultants for Sober Living Facility and Operations
22-01-12Extension of Contract 21-10-10 with Ivester Tree LLC for Wildfire Mitigation Services
22-02-01Contract Between Tooele County and Bonneville Builders for Remodel of 135 E. Vine Street for Transitional Housing
22-02-02Addendum to Tooele County Fiber Project Phase 3 with Americom Technology
22-02-03Network Equipment Purchase for Tooele County Fiber Project Phase 3 CVE Technologies
22-02-04Contract Between Tooele County and ESRI for GIS Licensing
22-02-05Contract Between Tooele County and Tyler Ready Forms Processing Software
22-02-06Contract Between Tooele County and Valley Behavioral for Group and Individual Therapist at Jail
22-02-07Real Estate Purchase Contract Between Tooele County and Anna Eggett Toms Lane – South Mountain Extension Project
22-02-08Professional Systems Technology Contract Install Cameras at Deseret Peak and Benson Gristmill
22-02-09McNeill and Sons Construction – Foundation, Erection and Electrical Work on Roads Department Building
22-02-10Utility Trailer Sales IMCO Walking Floor Trailer for Landfill
22-02-11Contract with CEM Aquatics for Purchase and Install of two Pool Boilers at Deseret Peak
22-02-12Contract with Wasatch Environmental – Phase 1 of NuCleaners Building Cleanup
22-02-13Contract with Wheeler Machinery to Purchase a New Loader for Facilities Department
22-02-14Contract with CXT for Precast Concrete Restrooms at Deseret Peak
22-02-15Modification #1 to Cooperative Law Enforcement Annual Operating Plan and Financial Plan Between the County of Tooele and the USDA, Forest Service Intermountain Region
22-03-01Prevention Prepared Communities Grant Federal Award – Aging Services – Prevention
22-03-02Indigent Defense Commission Grant – State of Utah
22-03-03HVAC Chiller Trane Inc. – Emergency Management
22-03-04Annual Subscription Renewal GovOS – IT Department
22-03-05Predator Damage Control State of Utah – County Manager
22-03-06Amended Covid Payroll Protection Program Utah Department of Health – Health Department
22-03-07Amended HIV Prevention Contract Utah Department of Health – Health Department
22-03-08Amended Violence and Injury Prevention Program Utah Department of Health – Health Department
22-03-09Sheriff’s Office Armored Vehicle
22-03-10Emergency Management Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – Young Automotive Group
22-03-11Contract with Toter Utah for 470 New Garbage Cans – Quote WQ-10222908
22-03-12IT Department Ford F-150 – Young Auto Group
22-03-13Deseret Peak Complex Master Plan Update – Victus Advisors
22-03-14Rural Economic County Grant Part B – Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity State Contract # 220630237
22-03-15Replace Solar Tech Sign Board – Solar Technology, Inc. Order # 22-0524
22-03-16Wendover Airport Improvement Program Amendment 2 – Jviation
22-03-17Wendover Airport Improvement Program Amendment 3 – Jviation
22-03-18Opioid Settlement Memorandum of Understanding
22-03-19Interlocal Cooperation Agreement Between Tooele County and Erda City Regarding Financial Payments, Solid Waste, Roads and Law Enforcement
22-04-01Portable Office Setup and Utility Connection – Broken Arrow
22-04-02Terra Roads Project Contract with Granite Construction for Fire Warden
22-04-03Chevy Traverse from young Auto Group, State Contract for Community Development
22-04-04Revised Nu cleaners Contract with Wasatch Environmental from Manager’s Office
22-04-05Annual Maintenance and Support, Email Spam and Archiving Maintenance with Mimecast – IT Department
22-04-06Community Static Display Loan Program Agreement # SDA0391 from National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wendover Airport
22-04-07Mormon Trail Road Contract with Coughlin Company for Roads Department
22-04-08Operating and Maintenance Agreement Between Utah State Courts and Tooele County for Gordon R. Hall Courthouse
22-04-09Switches for ARPA Fiber Project Addendum to CVE Technologies Group – Information Technology
22-04-10Agreement Between Tooele City and Tooele County – Road Share Agreement Including Snow Removal
22-04-12Summit Partners Anti-Virus Central Endpoint Protection
22-04-13Tooele City Collocation of Fiber Optic Cable
22-04-14BMC Trackit Annual Maintenance and Support
22-04-15Whiplash Racing Demolition Derby and Deseret Peak Update
22-04-16Johnson Controls Inc. Detention Center Controls Upgrade
22-04-17Keefe Commissary Network Service
22-04-18Peak Asphalt LLC Chip Seal Oil
22-04-19Roger Brooks International Destination Assessment Grant
22-04-20Tooele City Election Agreement
22-04-21Town of Vernon Delivery of Asphalt Millings
22-04-22Interlocal Agreement with Tooele City for Solid Waste Disposal
22-04-23Interlocal Agreement with Grantsville City for Solid Waste Disposal
22-04-24Interlocal Agreement with Stockton Town for Solid Waste Disposal
22-05-02Rowley Road Bridge Construction (Vancon) – Community Development
22-05-03Countywide Merchant Service Agreement (Intellipay) – Auditor
22-05-04Mineral Material Free Use Permit (Bureau of Land Management)
22-05-05Cooperative Agreement for annual Operating Budget Extension Services (Utah State University) – Tooele Extension
22-05-06Grant for Monument Replacement and Restoration of Public Land Survey System (State of Utah) – Recorder
22-05-07Inmate Food Service Addendum (Trinity Services) – Sheriff
22-05-08COVID 19 Homeless Services 2022 Grant (Utah Department of Health) – Health Department
22-05-09Minimum Performance Standards – Amendment 1 Grant (Utah Department of Health) – Health Department
22-05-10TB Prevention and Control – Amendment 3 Grant (Utah Department of Health) – Health Department
22-05-11STD Disease Intervention Services – 2019 Amendment 4 (Utah Department of Health) – Health Department
22-05-124-H Show August 3-6 (Utah State University Extension) – Parks and Recreation
22-05-132022 Stock Show (Tooele County Junior Livestock Show and Sale) – Parks and Recreation
22-05-14Services to Mothers and Children in the Community (Utah Department of Health) – Health Department
22-05-15Memorandum of Understanding Between Department of Interior, BLM, Wells Field Office and Tooele County – Environmental Assessment for West Wendover Land Conveyance Project