2021-01A Resolution Authorizing the County Council to Temporarily Authorize Procurements and Temporarily Pay Invoices for Past Procurements
2021-02A Resolution Appointing County Auditor Alison McCoy as the County Budget Officer
2021-03A Resolution Adopting a Procedure to Create and Maintain Recordings and Minutes of County Council Open Meetings
2021-04A Resolution Amending (Increasing) the 2021 Tooele County Budget – General Fund from $44,755,314 to $44,811,528
2021-05A Resolution Adopting a Policy for the Cremation of Indigent Deceased Residents of Tooele County
2021-06A Resolution Approving the Modified COVID Sick Leave Policy and Application
2021-07A Resolution Adopting the Tooele County Information Security Plan Dated November 23, 2020
2021-08A Resolution Establishing the Salaries of the Tooele County Officers for the 2021 Fiscal Year
2021-09A Resolution Amending (Increasing) the 2021 Tooele County Budget – Human Services Fund from $4,748,270 to $4,752,270
2021-10A Resolution Approving the Guideline for Business Meeting Agenda Items
2021-11A Resolution Amending (Increasing) the 2021 Tooele County Budget- General Fund from $44,811,528 to $44,861,528
2021-12A Resolution Indicating the Tooele County Council’s Intent to Annex Additional Areas into the Tooele County Recreation SSD