2017-2018 Form of Government Recommendation Report

Tooele County Proposition 14 Study Committee


By 2016 General Election.


Per State Code, the Study will be facilitated by 7 to 11 local volunteers selected to perform the following duties: A) Hold public hearings and community forums to get citizen input; B) Study Tooele County’s government and the alternative options; C) Determine whether the county’s government could be significantly improved by changing the form of county government; D) Report on its findings within 1 year.


As appointed by the Appointment Committee.


One year.

Committee Members

Rob ClausingRichard Mitchell
J. Whitney CookHoward Murray
Brett CoombsDaniel Pacheco
Robin DouglasKent Sagers
Brenda FaddisMaria Sweeten
Eric Gumbrecht


Email: Change of Government Study